v-Enterprise Dashboard 2020
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General Platform Information & Updates
Today's Date: 01/27/22
v-Enterprise Dashboard 2020 is a web-enabled transaction management platform supporting business-to-business (B2B) electronic document exchange between buyer and seller trading partners. Through the easy-to-use dashboard console, a robust toolset is provided enabling you to search, retrieve, print, or download electronic transaction sets (quotes, orders, invoices, etc.) to/from your trading partners.  The platform is capable of exchanging transactions sets formatted in EDI, XML, CSV, and many  business system flat-file formats.
Key Features and Functionality
  • EDI/XML/FF Document Exchange
  • Transaction Set Mapping 
  • FTP/S, HTTP/S, AS2, Db-Db 
  • Transaction Batch Print
  • Store n' Forward Mailboxes
  • Transaction Batch Download
  • SQL-Server Data Warehouse
  • Document Express Webforms
  • Transaction Search & Status 
  • Configurable User Preferences
  • Quote/PO/Invoice Matching
  • Direct Links to ProNet Applications
  • E-Mail Alerts System
  • Systems Administration Console
  • The v-Enterprise Dashboard 2020 Help Desk is available M-F from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET Call us at  (571) 351-5505 or send an e-mail to: helpdesk@nxtstp.com

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